Rifugio Alpe Madre

DISTANCE 12.2 km
elevation gain-ascent 245 m
elevation loss-descent 237 m
CAI trails 940 - 936

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Peaks and mountains
    • 1279m
      Col Moschin
    • 1327m
      Col del Fenilon
    • 1249m
      Col Raniero
    • 1159m
      Villaggio del Sole
    • 1258m
      Casa Moschin
    • 1292m
      Casa Fenilon
    • 1211m
      Casa Fenilotti
    • 1282m
      Palazzo Negri
    • 1071m
      Casa Botte
Refuges, alpine dairies and camps
    • 1272m
      Rifugio Alpe Madre

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title Rifugio Alpe Madre

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Rifugio Alpe Madre
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